Compiling Asagi

$ git clone
$ mvn package assembly:single

Configuring Asagi

Asagi uses a JSON configuration file named asagi.json. An example configuration file is included within thegit repository as asagi.json.example.


If you are using MySQL/MariaDB as your database server, you must set the character_set_server setting under the [mysqld] section to utf8mb4 in your my.cnf file. This will allow you to properly store multi-byte unicode characters properly.


We recommend that you configure Asagi to use its own database and configure your database server to allow the account created for FoolFuuka to have full access to the Asagi database as well.

Running Asagi

$ java -Xmx256m -XX:+UseParNewGC -XX:MaxPermSize=24m -jar asagi.jar


We strongly recommend the usage of screen or tmux with Asagi. Also, you may be required to adjust the Xmx and XX:MaxPermSize values accordingly.

Configuring FoolFuuka


It is very crucial that you configure and run/restart Asagi before adding the board to FoolFuuka. This will allow Asagi to create the board tables properly with some additional steps that aren’t included in FoolFuuka. If this is not done, the board tables will not be populated properly.

You must first configure FoolFuuka to use the Asagi database created in the previous steps. This can be done by following the steps listed below:

  1. Access the FoolFuuka Administrative Panel
  2. Navigate to Preferences under the Boards section
  3. Set the Boards Database field to the same database name used in the asagi.json config file
  4. Save your changes


The steps listed above only need to be completed once.

In order to access the boards being archived with Asagi, you will need to add the boards to FoolFuuka by following the steps listed below:

  1. Access the FoolFuuka Administrative Panel
  2. Navigate to Manage under the Boards section
  3. Click “Add Board”
  4. Fill out the required fields properly
  5. Check the “Is this an archived board?” checkbox
  6. Click “Submit” to add the board to the database


You will need to repeat the steps listed above each time you wish to add a board archived by Asagi.