Web Server

You’ll need to install one of the following web servers to allow users to access the web interface:

  • Apache
  • nginx (Recommended)


FoolFuuka supports the following database servers:

  • MariaDB 5.5+ (Recommended)
  • MySQL 5.5+


When dealing with large amounts of data, we recommend using the TokuDB storage engine for all board tables which is available with MariaDB. This mainly applies to deployments used to provide a front-end for Asagi and archives.


FoolFuuka utilizes both Git and Composer to manage all of its dependencies, software updates, and web assets.


While FoolFuuka is designed to work on PHP 5.4 or newer, it is also compatible with HHVM.

Search Server

FoolFuuka requires an additional software to index and serve search results to users. This is achieved with Sphinx Open Source Search Server which must be installed to provide users with search capabilities.


FoolFuuka includes a Sphinx configuration file generator in the web administration interface and should be used to generate a new sphinx configuration file accordingly.


If you plan to use FoolFuuka as an image-based bulletin board, ImageMagick must be installed on the server. The binary files are used to generate and manipulate image files.


You may be required to specify the path for ImageMagick’s convert binary in the administrative panel.