What’s New in FoolFuuka 2.2.0

FoolFuuka 2.2.0 includes a few new features and an overhaul in parts of the code base. The most notable change is the removal of all plugins from the standard distribution which will need to be re-installed manually.


  • added GroupByThread option for search results
  • added highlight.js for code highlighting
  • added configurable swiftmailer config file for Mailer


  • changed autoloading of themes and various components to PSR-4
  • removed entire media.filecheck logic


  • removed trailing forward-slash in default media url
  • reports view now displays board name and view button
  • rewrote sticky/locked toggle logic on archive boards


  • added additional software hooks in Comment
  • decoupled all plugins from standard distribution
  • moved 4chan specific BBCode to separate plugin
  • replaced StringParser with jBBCode
  • updated FoolFuuka namespace
  • updated FoolFuuka dependencies